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What kind of Captain would you be? → Firefly Online Game Trailer (x)

What kind of Captain would you be?Firefly Online Game Trailer (x)

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barolena + teddy bears

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it was a tarp

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i am a mess. i cry all day, i feed all night.

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Kate Beckett + colors

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Guy: Stana? Stana.

Stana: Yeah? (lifting bridge with psychic powers)

Guy: Uh…we’re gonna shoot some stuff…

Stana: Why can’t we do the bridge? (continues to pretend to lift the bridge)

Guy: Come on.

Stana: I mean c’mon Charles! This isn’t easy! (still pretending)

Guy: We’ll do that at dawn, when we all leave.

Stana: Ok. Coming. (successfully lifted the bridge using the force)

I’m so glad someone transcribed it. I could not understand what she was saying.

The force is strong with this one.

Ha! Yes! This helps tremendously.

For the win.

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